Sunday, August 14, 2005

Saturday, Saturday

So all day today, I've gotten calls from friends asking if I'm allright. I wasn't that drunk last night was I?

My friend Dan's birthday was yesterday and his band Dark Days Tribe was playing. I heard them play their first show down in Downtown San Bernardino and they were really good then. So I was looking forward to seeing what they had done in the last couple months.

Originally I had offered to drive with Christine and Christoph.
Since bar whisky is too damn expensive, started out the evening downing a couple shots with Christoph at home.

So we make it out to Corona and pick up Mike who still wasn't home yet. So he shows up and changes quick. Then over to Angles Sports Bar. Another quick round of bourbon for the party and a couple of pitchers of beer. The first band is set up and start into their first song. "FUCK THIS SHIT!" What followed was about 45 seconds of hard thrash. That was the first song. Their entire set was about 15 minutes long and I think they played 20 different songs. It got the crowd into a raucaus rocking feel.

Then DDT took the stage and they had the crowd worked up into a Death Metal frenzy. We were chanting, calling out songs, screaming their praises, and the band took it like pros. They if anything had gotten their sound even tighter and the music was balanced. Then we sang Dan Happy Birthday and he took the mike and did a song singing the lead.

When the set was done we all wondered outside to unwind, we were:


(If I've forgotten someone, or you have a website I don't know about, please share!)

Mark tells us, since he works there, he can get us into the topless bar for free. So we all agree. Sitting in a topless bar with my friends and the girls rubbing up against their boyfriends or whatever was quite a fun time. Drinking more beer straight from the pitcher just added to the entertainment. About an hour goes by and we are driving home, drunk dialing all of Christine's phone book. I'm sure her friends and family are quite concerned.

All in all a very very fun time.

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Friday, August 12, 2005

I know what kind of drunk I am, how about you?

Which drunk are you?

You're hungarian kinda drunk

You're playin' the accordeon all night for family and friends and spreading drunken joy around you, you are a mentor to all of us pathetic losers...

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Thor and Loki College Roommates.

Now this is why the internet was created:
Thor and Loki

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Crazy Days in the CCA!

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I am a T.A. working for the school I graduated from. A medical vocational school in the L.A. area. The reason I'm a T.A. and not an instructor is I need my certification... It's pending. Ok, now on with the fun:

The program is divided into 4 sections. Anatomy and Phisiology, Didactic (book learning), Procedures (hands on) and a Clinical Rotation. Each section is taught by a different teacher. I'm helping out with the third section, Procedures.

Today some Didactic students got into a loud verbal fight regarding the speaking of Espanol in the classroom. Seems the students (ADULTS!) who don't speak Spanish are thinking the students (ADULTS!) who do speak Spanish are using it to talk smack and or cheat w/o anyone catching on. This argument has been going on since I was attending there. It was quickly quelled by their instructor (who is bilingual.)

Thirty minutes or so go by and the receptionist calls me to transfer in the 911 call. Seems one of the students in Didacticwas having extreme gastric distress and they called 911. The dispatcher tells me to elevate his feet, and lay him on his left side. Basic treatment for shock and nausea. Fine no problem. I check on him and find him in the back of his car, moaning, incoherent and sweating bullets. I help him roll onto his side and tell him an ambulance is coming. (Big Eyes!) Further moans and a glazed look on his eyes. Now at this point another student decides to take him down the street to the E.R. since it's been 15 minutes since 911 was called. They take off. I wait for the Paramedics who shake their heads and said, "Yup, it was quicker to take him yourself."

So, couple hours go by and I see the girl who took him to the E.R. Here's our exchange:

Me: "How's Mr. S?
Her: ::Rolls Eyes::
Me: "What happened?"
Her: "He got admitted, waiting to be transferred to a bed, and his wife shows up and tells him to come on home. "How could you take my car to the Hospital?" So he got up and went home!
Her: "Yup!"
So, suffering from extreme abdominal pain. Vomiting. Ride to the E.R. Being admitted. He decides to release AMA. WOW!

I may have one less student on Monday.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Viking Funeral:

My friend Mouse. Her first car finally gave it's last dying gasp and is no more.

She wrote a story about it that made me cry. Remembering my first car. 1971 VW Transporter. Two seats and nothing else. No roof. But lots of space. In fact that was the car I was driving when I first met Mouse. Alot of my friends rode in that bus. Some of you have your own stories about it. I know I have many a story. First night I spent with my then girlfriend, now wife, was in that bus. Blew a tire, didn't have a spare. Fell asleep in the back waiting for the tow truck driver.

::Raises Glass High::

To our first taste of freedom. Our first cars!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

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Friday, August 05, 2005

Night out with friends.

Night out with my friends.
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I won't name any names... The people know who it involves. Last night went to the Paradise bar on Broadway. It's just down the street from the new apartment of my friends. They go Thursdays to sing Karaoke. The paradise is a great art deco style bar with an attached restaurant.

The Karaoke was above par. Only one person was relying on Mr. Jack Daniels to be his back up singer. Everyone else had a great voice. Now Paradise is a gay bar and at one point a love song was dedicated to the bartender Kevin, who's boyfriend I was told is the owner of the Paradise.

Well, my friends were drinking pretty heavy, since they can walk a block to get home. I was driving so I had coffee.

At the end of the night I was informed that the female portion of our trio was "REALLY DRUNK" and wanted to go home. I volunteered to make sure she got back home safe and sound, her boyfriend was also drunk and networking with someone.

Get her home, NO HOUSE KEYS! So we sit and wait... At which point I was told that I'm the best and that she really loves me. Aww Drunk Love(r). Then a deep down bottom of the stomach belch comes out of her mouth. Ahha! I know what's next. Let's move this to the curb. After a short conversation with RALF. Boyfriend shows up, and I wind up with the house keys. Get her in bed. I have the keys, he's outside the complex somewhere and won't be able to get back in. I wait. At which point the girl decides she needs to puke some more. So I'm waiting on their couch and BLAM the girl is in the hallway rembering that gravity works and walls can break your fall and your neck. Help her to the toilet. More chats with RALF. I let the boyfriend back in, he tags me out. I'm talking to another girl who came in with the boyfriend. So we chat a bit. Another crash and she checks on em... Performs the dead baby test. OUT COLD both of them!

Since it's 2 A.M. and I have to be up in 2 hours. I drive home. Get ready for bed and remember, I FORGOT TO CREATE THE TEST FOR THE TEST IN 4 HOURS! Shit... Another hour and I'm sleeping.

4:30 was not a happy time to drive the wife to work. Especially cuz we (narrowly) missed the corpse of a dead skunk.

Next post. My day at work. More fun to follow.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

MacColin Battle Pics:

These are pics of the recent trip I took to the Ren Faire. Most of them are of Clan MacColin, the 16th Century Scottish/Irish Clan that I am a member of.

Warning, there is about 120 pictures and they arn't small pics. So it'll choke you if your on dial-up.